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Gonna Make it My Way

Zanna 2014


Latest News
Welcome to my New website
I am building it right now and will gradually fill these pages with my old and new Video's, Pictures, Soundtrax, Stories etc. So Please Come back and visit :)
NEW VIDEO - Gonna Make it My Way.
This is the first Zanna Gregmar Music Video in a long long time.
This is the start of a new era in the musical world of Zanna Gregmar. It is a happy, feel-good, silly song which will hopefully put a smile on your face and bring out a chuckle.

"I first concieved the song ide in a dream in 2002. I Had been going through some very difficult traumatic situations during a few years and one morning I woke with the chorus singing in my head and the vision of funny looking Angels doing a line dance in heaven.  I left the song like that for a few years until suddenly I just decided to get on with the whole idea. I finished writing it and got together with my lovely friend and  talented student Terry (Terence James Dunne) He helped me record the track, drums, bass and piano in his studio and guitars accordeon, violin and voices on his Mac in my living room.

A few years later Another lovely friend and student Callum Smith and his work partner Joseph Monahan, (A film and production company to look out for) helped me to put this visual concept together. And so finally - "Here we Are". I am happy to present this production to you and hope it will make you smile. 

The song will soon be available for download on ITunes etc and will be followed by a new album " SHADES OF ZANNA" to be released in January.



Something about you


Live gig at Sala Tropo in Madrid 1984

John Cale Heartbreak Hotel

Spanish TV with Kevin Ayers, Andy Summers, John Cale, Ollie Halsall, Pedro Colom and Zanna Gregmar


Entra En Mi Cuerpo Sal de Mi Vida

Spanish Video  1983

Title track for movie Sal Gorda by award winning producer 

Animals, Kevin Ayers Band

Belgian TV 1981

Swedish TV 1980

Zanna sings "Can't Help Lovin' that Man of Mine" by Jerome Kern

Zanna Band performing Zanna's song "Kalla Vindar"


Run Run Run, Kevin Ayers Band

With Ollie Halsall Pedro Colom, Zanna Gregmar, Bolle Gregmar

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